Edging Out
the Real World

We make outstanding 3D models for multi-purpose projects.
Over a hundred artists under our banner all seek to excel the brick and mortar.
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We are an ambitious and daring design studio focusing on 3D models for various industries. Having started as a group of artists passionate about rendering, it took us over ten years of hard work to be recognized as one of the most promising 3D design studios in the country.

Today, we have a diverse pro team with rare skills and talent sitting on top of a ginormous library of over 14 000 unique 3D models of exceptional quality. Every day we add up to 25 new assets, making it about 500 new models a month.

At 3D Molier, we’re committed to the idea of being survived by the 3D models of the entire world. In fact, we have the skills to pull it off. All we need is a subject. Your idea might just be that! For our own part, we guarantee faster delivery of proven quality content at a cost lower than you think.

Custom Production

We make fully-custom models, based on your specific requirements and within a fraction of a budget usually laid out for this type of work.

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Modification Work

We can tweak any model you find in our library for the needs of your specific project.

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